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Since 1990’

Professional developer and supplier of
high-quality processing aid for rubber

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Since the company’s establishment in 1990, we have professionally developed and supplied high-quality rubber processing aids for 25 years. Starting from the localization of imported products in our early years, we have developed and grown into a competitive brand in domestic and international markets through independent product development.

1. Manufacturing high-quality chemicals for rubber
We have been producing rubber dispersing agent, tackifier, flow improver, mold releasing agent, mold control agent, peptizer, and special agent as our main products. Moreover, we have been developing and supplying optimal products that are in accordance with the customers’ requirements. Based on this, we contribute to improvements in quality by supplying products to leading tire manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturing companies, and rubber-related manufacturers in domestic and international markets.

2. Constant investment in the development of new products
Also, we aim to maintain technological competitiveness and further become a world-renowned company. As such, we support a Research and Development (R&D) laboratory and also purchased testing equipment. In addition, with a significant portion of our revenue, we have secured a team of experts for the development of new and eco-friendly products, as well as secured product reliability through professional development and equipment investment for the enhancement of product quality.

3. Customer satisfaction and competitiveness in the overseas market
In particular, to secure competitiveness in overseas markets, we pursue customer satisfaction with proactive actions and measures that are one step ahead of what customers need through the FTA (Free Trade Agreement), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), the law of registration, evaluation, etc., on chemicals, and so on. Moreover, we will concentrate our continued efforts on mutual growth with our customers.

4. Win-Win Growth
We, the Dongeun family, will do our best to be a trustworthy company that can grow together with our customers through the will and effort of all our executives and staff. We will work toward the happiness of all the members and customers without forgetting our original intention. Through customer-centered management, we promise to give our utmost to supply optimal products. As such, we ask our customers for their continued love and support hence forward.

Thank you.

President & CEO  Park Chang Jae

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